Root-Me: GB – Basic GameBoy crackme walkthrough

Hello, In this article I will describe how I solved the GB – Basic GameBoy crackme challenge from Root-Me. Before reading this article you should attempt to solve the challenge on your own. Start by reading/skimming through the GameBoy CPU manual then download an emulator such as mGba and play with the ROM. To disassemble the ROM I’ve used Ghidra and mgbdis. After reading through the GameBoy … Read more

Root Me – Xor Madness – Walkthrough

Hello, In this article I will describe how I solved the PE x86 – Xor Madness challenge from Root-Me This challenge will ask you for a password and the password is also used to validate the flag. What makes this challenge interesting is that it only uses xor, sub, call and ret. Here’s how I approached the challenge: Since the binary had a few function and some strings … Read more

Root-Me Reversing: crackme_wtf hints

It’s been some time since I’ve done some Reverse Engineering and today I’ve completed a simple challenge on The filename of the challenge is crackme_wtf and here are some hints to get you started: Determine type of FILEs. Don’t be afraid to patch and use a debugger. Try to eliminate the randomness. Maybe some functions that have to do … Read more

Root-Me: ExploitMe – Basic Buffer Overflow


In this article I present you the solution to nice and short cracking challenge from Root-Me. After opening it up in Ghidra, I saw that the challenge is easy to solve, all you need is to find the password, which is in plain text. Basically just copy paste and you get the flag, but wait, there’s a twist!

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