MAD: Game DevLog #5: Game Over

Hello, I don’t think I’d like to invest time and resources in this project anymore, I had fun programming it and learning about different aspects of game development and the Unity game engine. Making games involves a lot of hard work and I initially started this in order to escape from my ordinary programming activities, to do something different. Next, … Read more

MAD: Game DevLog #4, Main Menu, Camera Shake and Enemies

Hello everyone! Here’s what we did for our 4th devlog: We’ve added a game menu to the game it is interactive and it’s working without any code at all. Thanks to Brackeys for making awesome tutorials, here’s the one we used for the menu: After creating the main menu, we wanted to juice up the game a little and we’ve … Read more

MAD: Game DevLog #2

Hello everyone! Time for devlog number #2! In the last week, we’ve implemented transparent walls and the player animation state machine. Max continued designing sprites for the game and Andrei implemented the bomb animations and it is working on some enemies. The next week I will try to implement and finish the UpgradeManager, a Singleton class that shall handle the … Read more