X-MAS CTF 2019: Binary Exploiting & Reversing Write-Ups

Hello, Here are my write-ups for the X-MAS CTF 2019 organized by https://htsp.ro/. Reversing: Santa’s crackme Santa’s crackme is easy to solve when using Ghidra, all you need to do is open up the binary, read the code and use the XOR Memory script from Ghidra. Reversing: X-MAS: Lapland Mission Since this is an Unity game we can easily patch … Read more

Practical Binary Analysis – CTF Walkthrough – Level 3, 4

Hello, In this article I’ll present you my solution on the Chapter 5 CTF from the book Practical Binary Analysis. For this binary, the hint is to fix four broken things. Running file gives us the following response: And the readelf command gives us: At this moment, it was clear that the ELF header is broken, in order to fix it … Read more