picoCTF2019 Reverse Engineering Asm

Hello, here's my take on the picoCTF2019 reverse engineering asm challenges. If you don't know assembly, please watch a few tutorials on it: http://opensecuritytraining.info/IntroX86.htmlhttp://opensecuritytraining.info/IntermediateX86.html asm1 - Points: 200 CMP: Compares the first source operand with the second source operand and sets the status flags in the EFLAGS register according to the results. The comparison is … Continue reading picoCTF2019 Reverse Engineering Asm

Hack The Box – Reversing: Debug Me

Hello, Here are some hints for solving the Debug Me challenge on HackThebox: Use a good debugger like x64dbgUse an anti-anti-debugging plugin like Scylla Hide. (read the instructions on how to install it)Step through the challenge and see where it takes you. Write-up: Debug Me Thanks!